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November Promotions!


Fall Karate Session is happening NOW - ask us for more information on how to register your child. 

Meghan Howe is a bodybuilder who lives in Kirkland Lake and has placed first in The Northern Rock Naturals Bodybuilding Show!


We here at Lavy's recently had the opportunity to speak with her about her success!

Q: When did you start training for the competition?

A: I started training for my competition 1 year in

advance. Dialling in on proper nutrition and weight



Q: Who were some of the people who helped you to

get to where you are?
A: The people that most influenced my training and

outcome were my training partner Michele, my

partner Rene, and my competition coaches.

Q: What was the event like and how did it feel to

do so well?
A: The show itself was a rush.  You train so hard

and stay disciplined for so long the second you walk

on that stage and let it all shine makes everything

so worth it. It was an amazing feeling when they

called my name for first place. 

Q: Any advice for people new to fitness and trying to live a more healthy active lifestyle?
A: My advice for people would be not to compare yourself to the magazines.  Go at your own pace, reward yourself for your accomplishments and enjoy the adventure.  Making minor adjustments in your lifestyle could make a huge difference in your appearance. Do things you enjoy and that will be something you can stick to.

Q: Any advice for aspiring body builders?
A: Advice for other bodybuilders, whatever direction you go in whether you want to compete or not, be safe and get as much information as you can.  Read anything you can get your hands on. The more you know the better you'll do in the gym. Also, don't assume the more you train the bigger you'll get, that's not the case. Rest and sleep are your best friend. 

Q: Any plans for another competition or future goals?
A: I'd like to compete again. I had a positive experience and enjoyed myself. Hopefully sooner than later.

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?
A: A little advice I'd like to add is if you choose to compete you have to realise this can be a hard sport on self-esteem. It can definitely build you up but it can also drag you down.  You have to be head strong for this sport and stay positive.  If it's to be healthy and be in shape that's one thing but if you decide to take it to the next level get an experienced coach to help you through the process....and have fun with it!



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